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Developing Application

接客の不安を自信へ! インバウンド向け多言語アプリ

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Shojic Inc. Appeared in Tanko Nichinichi Newspaper on Aughst 24, 2016

”Shojic Inc. in Esashi created a multi-lingual app for restaurant’s menu.
It has helped to make an international community in the region.”

Esashi’s SHOJIC Inc. CEO Takashi Shoji developed a multi-lingual app for smartphones and tablets. It is easy to use, and tourists can browse restaurant’s menu and display tourist information in several languages. As Hiraizumi was listed as a World Heritage Site, the number of foreign visitors in the area is increasing. A Restaurant at Chuson-ji has already started using this app and it is popular among the staff and tourists. The CEO, Shoji Takashi (39) says he wants to help making International community.

This app was developed to help customer service as the number of foreign tourists to Japan has been increasing. The first restaurant that introduced the multi-lingual app is cafe and restaurant, Chuson-ji Kanzan-tei. Customers can see the menu, allergies and how to order in English, Chinese and Korea.

You can easily use this app on tablets, smartphones and PCs. Staffs can customize their app such as languages and designs. They can update their information quickly by only modifying and downloading it.

As the number of cruise tours in the coastal areas and tourists from Taiwan in Oshu City have been increasing, the demands for foreign customer support are rising. The CEO Shoji Takashi says, “Including ILC (International Linear Collider) projects, I want to help making an International community by using our technology.”
In future, he is going to make videos and announcement to explain how to eat Japanese food in restaurants.


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