Multi-Lingual Menus on Tablet at Chuson-ji

Cafe and Restaurant Kanzan-Tei has introduced a tablet equipped with multi-lingual app for foreign tourists from July 2016.

Shojic Inc. created this app and customers can browse restaurant’s menu, allergies and how to order in three languages. Only by tapping the screen, you can go to the page of English, Chinese and Korean.

While the number of foreign tourists rises at Chuson-ji, customers from various countries visit the restaurant, Kanzan-Tei. The reason Shojic Inc. suggested this app was to help restaurant’s staff to communicate with their foreign customers easily.

At Kanzan-Tei, there are many dishes using Hiraizumi-made Jinenjyo, which is a Japanese yam. Staffs wanted to explain how to eat, its nutrition and allergies on the tablet, so customers can feel comfortable to order.

When they introduced this multi-lingual tablet at Kanzan-Tei, there were about 10 customers in 3 to 4 days. They used this tablet and a staff said it was popular among them because their customers could easily understand how to use it.

Before, the restaurant used only printed menus, but from now on, they can put renewal information on their tablet by only updating the app.

This multi-lingual app was created to meet Kanzan-Tei’s demand with Shojic. Inc’s app development abilities. We want to suggest services that meet customers’ expectations.

▪️Chuson-ji Kanzan-Tei
202 Koromonoseki, Hiraizumi, Iwate



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