Shoji Inc. Appeared in Iwate Nippo Newspaper on September 24, 2016

IT company in Oshu created a multi-lingual app
Easy to use and foreign tourists feel comfortable to order in a restaurant.


The CEO Shoji Takashi of Shojic Inc. in Esashi, Yokamachi, created a multi-lingual app for foreign tourists. It is easy to use, and you can browse restaurant’s menu in several languages on tablets. A restaurant in the World Heritage Site Chuson-ji, has already introduced this app and helped many foreign customers.
Cafe and Restaurant Chusonji Kanzan-tei is using this app and customers can see information such as menu, allergies an how to order in English, Chinese and Korea. By using this tablet, staffs can communicate with customers smoothly. At this restaurant, there are many dishes that are using Hiraizumi’s jinynjyo, which is a Japanese yam. This tablet help people who are not familiar with jinenjyo to understand how to eat, its nutritions and allergies.
This app can be customized easily such as design and languages. Each shop staffs can change their information only by updating the app.
The CEO Shoji Takashi developed this app himself to help communicating with foreign tourists.
Tanko area is a candidate site for the construction of International Linear Collider (ILC) and internationalization is a challenge for this region. With hosting the Olympics and Rugby World Cup, the CEO Shoji Takashi says that he wants to help to make international region as a locally-based company. 

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